Welcome To The Queer Center

Houston's newest Private Practice for the Queer Community


The Queer Center is a new private practice specializing in providing counseling services for Gay Men and the Queer Community here in Houston, conveniently located in Montrose. What makes The Queer Center unique is the Founder Justyn Smith's identity as a Gay Male Therapist makes him deeply aware and sensitive to the issues Gay Men and Queer Community are struggling with. He is well trained to work with every subgroup within the Queer Community, although, his personal identity allows him great insight into providing therapy for Gay Men. Above all, the primary focus of this center is to support the LGBTQIA+ community by providing counseling services to adults and adolescents in a safe affirming space for people to just be who they are. No matter what your sexual orientation, who you love, physically or emotionally attracted to, gender identity or gender expression you are welcome here at The Queer Center

The Queer Center Story 

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Voyage Houston Magazine featured Justyn Smith (Founder/Therapist) to learn about his professional journey and how his passion for the LGBTQ community led him to start The Queer Center. 

Featured Queer Blogs

An exciting area of The Queer Center website are the "Queer Blogs," where all things Queer mental health in and out of counseling are covered. Justyn hopes to start conversations on topics, issues and relevant events related to the Queer community. Below are a few Featured Queer Blogs to give you a sense of the topics covered and get to know a bit about Justyn's opinions, thoughts and insights regarding Gay Men and the Queer Community. 

Feature Interviews

Feature Interviews are an extension of Queer Blogs highlighting people in the community doing amazing work, living their truth and making a difference in the Queer Community. Below is the latest Feature Interview. 

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Would you like to recommend yourself or someone else be a Feature Interview?

Send an email to justyn@thequeercenter.com to share the amazing work you or someone else is doing to make a difference in the Queer Community.